Happy 5th Birthday, Jack!

Happy 5th Birthday, Jack!

why matilda?

Writing about myself is something that doesn't come easy to me,
so let's start with why I chose Matilda.

Matilda Eleanor Redling.

My paternal grandmother.

We were best friends. We had grand plans about living together in a massive victorian house and having daily tea parties on the wrap around porch with a gazebo.   She would take care of me and then I would take care of her.   I know in my heart that my grammy knew she would never see that day but she enjoyed the dream as much as I did.    Grammy preferred the name Eleanor and most people in her life didn’t even know that Matilda was her first name.  I, however, adore that name something fierce.  When my daughter was born I knew, without a doubt, that she would be named Eleanor after my grandmother, so it made sense
to name my business after her as well.

Naming my business after my grammy did not come as easily as it sounds, though.  I went through a lot of wrong choices before I found my way home.   I hoard plants and love babies, birth is my addiction, essential oils are my go-to.  My soul loves organic, bright white, neutral & natural tones, decorated with , distressed wood, cozy quilts and old windows.  I seek nature at every turn.  I wanted a name that reflected who I was, told a little story about me, but I had a hard time working around that.  I played around with naming my business after myself because, after all, I am my brand.  There was a problem, though, there are so many Katie's out there, it's not unique, and try asking people to spell Velazquez. ha.
Katherine is a little better, but I needed something easy to spell for my client family.   None of my names would work.  I was stumped.  During a conversation with a friend one day, my grandmother’s name came up…. 
& I knew right then.

This business, the relationships with my clients, my photographs... they are a labor of love.  I am putting my heart out there with every single photo I take.  I love to give families beautiful memories captured forever.  I love to make art.  I love {love} and relationships and souls and raw emotion.   I knew that if I were to do this job and I were to give each and every member of the Matilda family a piece of my heart, I would sign my photos the same as I sign my letters to loved ones…. and so
{ Love always, Matilda } was born.

...and a little about me...

Grey hair, dyed blonde & a tan.  Top knot and a tie back head band.  Sunglasses and flip flops.  Chipped nail polish and no makeup.
Dream catchers, vintage quilts, wild flowers, bunting & sunshine.
gimme aaallll the plants. and then give me one or two more.  

If I had to describe my style, those are the things that I would say.  I would say I love farmhouse country and nature and wide open spaces... take me to the beach or the mountains or the woods.  
Surround me with nature and nurturing and my heart will be full.

Give me babies, and cuddles and a sacred birth space.

As a photographer, I want to be with you through all of life's moments, even the most simplest of gestures can be, and will be, the greatest memories one day.  Make today that day.

...give me your heart and I'll make it art...

<3 always, Katie

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