When I was contacted by Katie for information on gifting her friend Katie a newborn session, I just knew that it was meant to be.  A tri-katie collaboration?!  OF COURSE!

It was so special to be able to document them in their comfort zone,
loving on their newest addition.

Truth be told, I was nervous walking into their home.    

This was my first newborn session with people I had never met and it is such fragile time for a family, bringing home a new baby - especially when there are older siblings involved.  Your days are finely choreographed, dancing around nap times and feeding times and getting out of your pajamas is a victory.

Walking into their home, though, Big Brother broke the ice for us all!!  His personality is so fun and he couldn't get any cuter if he tried.   I'm sure he gets it from his parents.  They were so welcoming and easy going.  This session was easy and amazing!!

Thank you, Bruno Family, for inviting me into your home.

<3 Katie